Monday, May 2, 2011

Labour Day Fun ( May Day to some of you ppl)

Date: May 1st 2011 ; Location's: T-Nagar, Pondy Bazaar, Express Avenue Mall and Spencer Plaza ; Time: 11:15 a.m- 5:30 p.m ; The adventure seekers: Me and my friends M and A (sorry ppl but they appreciate privacy as of now) ; What: Read on to find out

What would 3 of the craziest, weirdest and most hilarious group of friends do when they're exams are about to end and their last exam happens to be 'Value Education' ????? I'll tell ya, they get their wallets ready and run off to the nearest mall or in our case to one of the busiest and the most crowded places EVER i.e Pondy Bazaar, T-Nagar, Chennai, India. Beyond bored, jobless and badly craving our homes and families the 3 of us decided to go out and have some 'FUN' and that's exactly what we did.

It all began with a wait at Chromepet Station for over 45 mts for M thanks to A (idiot!) who forgot to call M and thus she was late. While A and I were waiting for M we were having some normal as well as weird conversations. I was being me and at a point started talking about my hair and getting a hair cut. Much to my surprise A (a guy for crying out loud!) started giving me Hair and Skin Tips. I was like what the hell!!! It was funny really, it was like he ventured into the female world and found his feminine side for the day lol. At one point he was like 'I can talk trends and technology, I really do have the best of both worlds (Hannah Montana much??)'. It was hilarious and i couldn't stop laughing. He gave me ammo that I could use against him for a change. Me and M were making fun of him a lot in the train. We decided then that he would help me with my b'day clothes shopping at the thought of which he was horrified :P It was damn fun talking to him and time passed quite quickly though not quick enough. Soon we saw M descending the stairs in her usual ghost like manner and after she finally arrived looking all fatigued and kinda sick we took the train to Mambalam ( T-Nagar basically) and we sat down in the station for a while so that her queasiness would pass. After about 15 minutes and 1.5 glasses of apple juice later (M didn't entirely drink hers thanks to the honey so it was shared between me, M and A :P ) we finally ventured into Ranganathan street and then walked towards Pondy Bazaar ( from now on referred to as Pondy). Pondy is really quite lovely. So many stores aligned next to each other on both sides of the street. We walked past them all at times stopping to get something. M got a little pouch to keep her mp3 player in and yeah it was cute though kinda costly but hey, this is Chennai after all. We continued walking, stopping every now and then to see something that caught our eye.

Oh yes, I forgot we had to reach Express Avenue Mall (EA) by 2:00-2:30 p.m to get my b'day gift from my bro's (cousin) friend. In case you were wondering what it was, it was a Nokia C1-02 Mobile Phone and a Pack of Cadbury's Celebration :) Now back to our day. So during our sightseeing M asked me if I wanted to go to Flora ( a pretty good dress boutique according to her) and i said yeah, sure. So we headed to Flora. The thing we didn't anticipate was the amount of trouble and help A gave us.

First rule of taking a guy to a clothes store:- DON'T!!!!!! Unless you don't mind dragging him back in, black-mailing him and using other such means to make sure he doesn't leave.

Second rule of taking a guy to a clothes store:- Get ready to get either the silent treatment or some of the most  not-so-nice INSULTS or even FAKE compliments just so that you leave the store as soon as possible (um, A, we're not leaving until me and M actually find something we like or until we've had a thorough browse through so shut up and sit there or be helpful and actually give us your valuable tips (oops!) ). 

Third rule of taking a guy to a clothes store:- Be ready to either receive harsh criticism or even surprisingly a COMPLIMENT. Yup, A who almost always makes fun of me or insults me actually complimented me. That made my day :)

Fourth rule of taking a guy to a clothes store:- Don't ever throw around the words Large (L), Medium (M), Extra Large (XL) and Larger than extra large (XXL) in front of the guy unless you'd like insults or awkard facial expressions and A's expression's were mind blowing as they were the perfect mix of 'What the heck??' and 'Why are you doing this to me?' lolz.

These are the rule's that i've come up with. If you've got anything new please do share :)

After about an hour (we were getting late to reach EA) we exited the store with 2 bags, one for me and one for M with each of us buying 2 tops each. A breathed a huge sigh of relief and even tried revenge by go to the men's section but, we left soon as there wasn't anything that he found interesting. As we were contemplating rushing to EA we decided that we must eat first. So off we went to a restaurant called Ram's Milky Way (something like that, i don't remember) where M and A had ice-creams (almost like sundaes but smaller) for lunch while i had lunch in the form of a mini meal with regular South Indian lunch items and washed it down with mango ripple ice-cream. By then we were late and we took an auto to the station at my expense but that was in vain as we were unable to catch a train as it was filled to the brim and was overflowing with people, people and more people!!! As time was moving on and we were getting more late by the minute we decided to take an auto to EA and shared the auto expense with each of us paying Rs.50/- each. It was worth it since we reached EA in 10 minutes. There we met my bro's friend who gave me my gift and left after accepting my apologies for being late.

Next we entered Hamley's and explored the amazing world of soft-toys, cute cuddly teddy, BARBIE <3, crafts, toy guns, spy gear, mini science experiments and more. After exploring Hamley's I wanted to take a tour of Westside much to the disappointment of M and A. Finally after agreeing to get out in 15 mts we went inside and they showed their disapproval quite clearly, especially A since he was forced into the women's section yet again, hehe :P . I got tired soon and so we exited Westside. We took a circle of the easter special display and then went to Spencer Plaza. A was damn hungry, he was actually raving with hunger and so we went to the food court. While A was devouring his KFC Chicken meal, me and M were having Pepsi while I was opening my gift. The gift, my new phone was really really nice. It was damn cute and i loved it. Ask A and M, they even said that at one point I was glowing lol. So after going through the features and after A was done with his meal we left the food court and then we went and got a memory card for my phone <3. I was troubling M telling her to give me songs and she being the trooper gave me quite a few. Thanks M!!! M wanted to leave soon and so we took one final tour of a cute little shop, the name of which i forgot. After the exploration we left for home or hostel in mine and A's case and for M it was her grand-parents place.

We had a really fun day, filled with loads of fun and laughter. Thanks M and A for a really awesome day. Hoping for more such rocking days and hoping that next time our friend P also joins us and trust me people he's too damn hilarious. Exams come, exams go but friends never ever go and always stay with you ;)