Sunday, April 17, 2011

Rukz Methods on how to avoid studying when 'you just have to!!!!'

The clock's ticking 'tick tock tick tock' (yup, its a cliché, i know!!). As the time moves on you get that ominous feeling surrounding you which says 'study! study!' and well what do you do? I for one avoid it till the last minute when i have to scramble around with my notes. Ah!! Isn't this what being a college student is all about?? (well it's like that for me all can have your difference in opinions, i respect them)

So let's get back to the topic. My sure-shot ways of avoiding your textbook for hours (it may or may not be effective and differ's from person to person). Listed below are a few simple methods which help you to avoid studies:-

1. Gather notes ( Only gather, do not read as far as possible) - Gathering notes is a very time consuming process and it take away more than half of your study time per se. So get together with friends, scour the internet and gather, gather, gather away.

2. Play games online- There are so many free gaming sites out there that people are spoilt for choice. My site of choice nowadays is my trustworthy So people go online and have a blast, interact with people from different nations while battling away with different, fun games. ;)

3. Watch movies- This is something which every student does and thus, doesn't require an explanation per se.

4. Wash clothes- Yes, find the day and time when you're supposed to study to go wash your precious clothes. Make sure that you take you're time washing, rinsing with utmost care and then lovingly hanging them up to dry after which you can take a well deserved resting period maybe even take a nap.

5. Sleep- Take rest, it's pretty important for health. Sleep for maybe an hour or two or if you're game maybe more. You know how it feels when its such a sunny afternoon and you're in your room under the fan and you get this nice feeling which is telling you to just lie down?? Yes, listen to it and be lulled into the world of dreams. How refreshing!!

6. Cook- Food is vital to each and every human being and its yummy when made properly. Take this time to experiment. Go crazy with ingredients and just put in hours of work to make that wonderfully fluffy, yummy, gooey chocolate cake. My experimentation was with eggs, tomatoes and onions and i finally ended up with an overly salted (still digestable :D ) egg bhurji'ish, tomato'ish concoction which wasn't too bad. ;)

So that's about all i got folks. Maybe, i'll add more to the list as i continue to procrastinate. So i hope you had a fun time reading this little note of mine. Do leave you're comment below. Rock On!!


  1. LOVE your list. I could apply it to all the tasks I want to avoid as well! Thank you so much for visiting my blog. I've added you to my blog roll x

  2. Thank you Sarah!! I really is an honor to be on your blog roll. Cheers, Rukz!!!

  3. I find you interesting and thoughtful! Best wishes to you from Montana, USA.

    Drop by my new prairie woman blog to read my true story novel about my journey to Montana!

  4. Thank you Susie!!! Best wishes to you as well from Chennai, India. I'll surely drop by your blog. Thanks for stopping by!!

  5. LOL - my husband is a (part-time) student at the moment (and working full-time) but he's still pretty good at doing several things from your list to avoid studying. Can't say I've seen him cooking or washing clothes though so I might need to send him your list for a bit of inspiration!

  6. Hehe :P That's sounds cool. Thanks for stopping by Amanda :)

  7. I remember my student days like they were yesterday. In particular, doing laundry and then napping on top of the clean, warm washing when I should have been studying.
    Fun post. Thanks for visiting my blog.
    Now, get back to your studies!!

  8. Thanks and sure i'm off to study. Its just 4 more exams before i'm of home to enjoy the rest of what summer has to offer :)

  9. Ah, I remember those days! As a teacher now, I find myself employing some of those same methods to avoid grading papers! Funny how some things never change :) Best wishes to you!

  10. Hehe :P Thanks and wishing you the same...