Monday, August 29, 2011

Stormy Thoughts

As the skies darken
Large gusts of wind
Thrust their way through
Leaving nothing unturned in its path.

Selfishly devoted to a senseless state
Shedding tears, making mistakes
Your chest suddenly feels heavy
Your mind juggles all it’s thoughts.

You pave way for a distinct future
You decline any new offer to submit
Life in itself seems to make no sense
Yet you’re disturbed unintentionally.

Hunger, pain, fear, death
All these form a large cloud above your head
So far away are pristine meadows
Serene, calm, tranquil, peaceful.

I am amazed by my surroundings
By how I seem to know so little about them
I refuse to give up my fanatical ways
For they mean the world to me.

Hiding away in an alternate world

Escaping from the grasp of reality
I fear what is to become
For I’ve lost hope not in you
But in myself my friend.

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