Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Of Stars, Love and Chocolates

These were my thoughts just before Feb 14th 2011 made it's splendid arrival. Enjoy!!

I sat there under a blanket of stars, just looking up and wondering how something can remain so beautiful yet so pure. Stars always give me this romantic aura that’s not easily describable. It’s like they brighten my entire outlook and are out there, far away in the night sky looking over me like my guardian angel. Every time I see a starlit sky I start smiling with all my heart and jumping like a 5 year old girl who suddenly remembers twinkle twinkle little star on seeing this amazingly beautiful sight. As always I remain there, noticing the stars emitting their glorious light from afar, while the cool breeze blows. I think about many different things and very rarely I remain there totally speechless, just enjoying the moment.

The stars are one of my escape routes from reality. They help me leave my troubles behind and just remain in the moment. Sometime’s I wish everything would remain exactly like this. If life itself became like this then I wouldn’t become sad or depressed but then I wouldn’t be entirely happy or joyous either. I guess you can only experience life with all the complexities that it throws at you, as this is the only way you can be fully aware and fully content with whatever you possess.
Just like its arrival last year, it comes yet again. I’m talking about that day of the year reserved for those individuals who are hopelessly in love and are totally immersed in it. Yes, I’m talking about Valentine’s Day. 

It’s that one day of the year when I just sit back and think about my single status and about how I feel at that particular moment. While couples are out and about celebrating V-Day with chocolates, flowers, champagne and those oh so cheesy romantic greeting cards, I’m usually at home in front of the television. The day isn’t very extraordinary for me, never has been but still it invokes some sort of feelings in you when all that MTV is playing is back to back love songs the entire day, which makes lovers oh so happy and well us singles hmmm kind of off. This year it’s an entirely different circumstance for me of course. For one thing I’m not at home, secondly I have an exam on this day and thirdly I will be at college the remaining part of the day. I hope I’m not forced to see the sight of red roses spread all around college. I love red roses so please don’t mistaken me for what I just said but, it’s not exactly very lovely to be in a corner rose-less while your buddy is happy crooning about how she got hers from her so called love.

So going back to self-analysis on this year’s v-day and I have concluded that I’m very happy with my single status. After noticing the not so nice after effects love seems to have on some of my na├»ve but otherwise sweet classmates, I’m tremendously happy to be SINGLE, INDEPENDENT and HAPPY. I’ve also decided to propose a toast to my singledom this year with Frooti and Chocolates, ah how a single girl is so wistful in her youth and yes I’ll end the day just as always by listening to love songs (whether you’re in love or not, some of these songs are so melodious you get by without flinching).

So until next time I bid adieu yet again :)

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