Sunday, March 6, 2011

Restless Heart & Tearful Eyes

Wistful thoughts evoking illuminating smiles
Progressing willfully through the edge
Yet I sink down to the deepest, darkest bottom
And find it hard to reach the edge.

I regret whatever has become
For I’m someone who is very needy
And though the light of joy shines occasionally
The devil manages to ensnare me with his lures.

I wish it had never happened
For now all I’m left with is tears
For you no longer seem to care
And I no longer wish to stay.

Somehow somewhere I missed a step
Lost my sight and feigned a slip
Though I expected a call of rescue
All I received was silence and more silence.

As I evoke all my strength
And walk away with my wound all bare
I still wonder every starlit night
Why you’d never made it to my side.

I am compelled to oblige to thy whim
I am forced to apologize through thick and thin
And through these dark and dusky woods
I oblige, I oblige, I oblige.

Forgive me for my thoughtless stray
For I never meant it to be that way
And as I leave I shed one final tear
Along with a smile and some fear.

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